Metal stamping 

So I’ve been stamping my own jewelry lately! It’s so much fun and I’m really enjoying it. I think I’m going to start selling my pieces soon on Etsy. I still need a little more practice, but I’m really excited for this!

Thanks for lookin!


Set Design

I am so excited to announce that I have been working a really awesome project at work.
My boss asked me to design a fake Tonight Show set for one of our larger customers to film some promotion footage. I found out about the job last Wednesday, 1 hour before I left for the day. I worked on the design Thursday and Friday. Then we had a three day weekend and began producing it yesterday. We are almost done!

These are some of the prototypes for late Friday and yesterday.

Some of the pieces being produced and put together in our shop.

I cannot wait to go to the studio and see it all put together Friday afternoon!
Thanks for looking